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25 Jul - 08 Aug
Arts & Culture
The art and culture program of Pride Amsterdam always has a crowded agenda. Many museums, theaters, art houses, galleries, and other cultural hot-spots participate. Along with their own events and...
25 Jul
Pride Park
Pride Park is a super accessible event for all ages. In our open-air theater there are a wide-range of performances, with choirs, dancers, drag queens, (inter)national artists, and DJs.  We...
25 Jul - 08 Aug
The program starts in Pride Park where fields are set up by LGBTI+ sports associations. Here, people can play some football, volleyball, rugby, or tennis. There is also a cool...
26 Jul - 28 Jul
Pride at the Beach
From Amsterdam Central Station, you will be within 30 minutes of the beach of Zandvoort aan Zee, Beach for Amsterdam. Since 2017, we have been working there with great enthusiasm on a pride...
26 Jul - 28 Jul
Outdoor Cinema
During WorldPride, we organize a multi-day community film festival in collaboration with the ‘Roze Filmdagen’, the International Queer Migrant Film Festival, Cinemasia, and the Abou Nuwas Festival. Films with queer themes from all over the world...
29 Jul
Colors of East
When the Trans March ends on Javaplein in Amsterdam East, the party starts. Colors of East is diversity at its greatest. This is where all the members of our community and their...
29 Jul
Trans March
Traditionally, we walk on the Wednesday before the Canal Parade with the Trans Pride Walk from Oostpoort to Javaplein, where a full-day program is provided in collaboration with the All Colors East foundation....
30 Jul
Senior Pride Concert
We honor the pioneers and seniors on whose shoulders we stand as a movement. The longing for nostalgia in a new guise, the connection between ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ culture, and...
30 Jul
LGBTIQ+ Socio-Economic Symposium 
In collaboration with WorkPlace Pride we will organize a LGBTIQ+ Socio-Economic Symposium to have talks about the involvement of Corporates in Pride and the importance of this.
31 Jul - 01 Aug
Street Parties
In 25 years, our Pride has grown into a large Pride celebration. The whole city turns into a rainbow of events, and during the second weekend the roof will literally...