The Organizer

The Pride Amsterdam Foundation is a non-profit foundation that strives for emancipation, social and legal equality and acceptance of the LGBTQI+ community. To achieve this, the visibility of diversity is necessary. Because what you see cannot be ignored. We are the spider in the web of organizations that work together to organize the festival. To ensure that the cooperation runs smoothly, we work with a committee structure; Arts & Culture, Pride & Sports, Women & Pride, Youth Pride, Senior Pride, Trans Pride, Religion Pride, Fetish Pride, and B+ Pride. The committees offer events tailored to their target group and ensure greater visibility.


We have a governance model in which the board, in consultation with the director, determines the strategic course of the organization and supervises the implementation of events, and has delegated the day-to-day business to an Executive Director. For its supervisory task, the board maintains regular contact with the Director and appoints an accountant for the Foundation. The Director leads the organization, ensures the recruitment of sponsors, grants, and other such income, ensures the expenditure and management of the available resources, and the adequate functioning of the organization.  The organization consists of four employees and is supported by freelancers and specialized external parties.


Suzanne van de Laar (she/her) – Chair and portfolio: Inclusivity and Arts & Culture | Photographer and D66 councilor in Almere
Joyce Priem (she/her)  – Treasurer and portfolio: women | Senior Financial Controller at VSU in daily life
Glenn Helberg (he/him) – Portfolio: Elderly, Young, Kingdom Relations and QBPOC | Psychiatrist
Huib Wurfbain (he/him) – Portfolio: legal and entrepreneur | Endeavor Coach at THNK in daily life
Geneviève Lieuw (she/her) – Confidential Advisor and Portfolio: Human Rights and QBPOC | Member of the Institute for Human Rights in daily life
Camiel Welling (he/they/she) – Portfolio: Gender diversity and health | Arts Transkliniek and member advisory panel AIDSFONDS
Souad Boumedien (she/her) – Portfolio: Security and QBPOC | Internal network coordinator for Amsterdam Police in daily life


Lucien Spee de Castillo Ruiz (he/him) – Executive director
Anita Beek (she/her) – Event manager of the open air cinemas
Marc Bartels (he/him) – Senior event manager Canal Parade, Partnerships & Business Club 
Lars Brunnhoff (he/him) – Projectmanager & Social Media
Pim Strating (he/him) – Office assistant
Sam Piek (he/him) – Event Manager Pride Hub
GJ Kooijman (he/him) – Event manager of Pride Park and closing party
Patrick Vleeshouwers (he/him) – Head of security and crowd management
Alex Hoeve (he/him) – Canal Parade operations manager
Duco Snijders (he/him) – Canal Parade waterway manager
Pieter Teepe (he/him) – Logistics and construction manager
Martijn Albers (he/him) – Press and communications manager
Monique de Adelhart-Toorop (she/her) – Accounting 


Marco Altena (he/him)- Junior, Youth & Student Pride
Ilias Zian (he/him) – Arts & Culture
Mirjam Preusterink (she/her) – Sport Pride
Paul Rijpstra (he/him) – Senior Pride
Wouter Neerings (he/him) – Corporate Pride
Camiel Welling (he/they/she) – Trans Pride
Stanley Starreveld – Doesburg (he/him) – Fetish Pride
Cornald Maas (he/him) – Canal Parade jury
Wielie Elhorst (he/him) – Religious Pride
Ronald Mol (he/they) – Bi+ Pride
Nathalie Janssen (she/her) – Women & Pride

Here’s more info about our Pride commissions!


Address: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 12 1017 RC Amsterdam, The Netherlands
VAT:  NL853293995B01