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31 Jul
International biCon
The International BiCon is a conference (by Bi+ Netherlands) which will take place during Amsterdam WorldPride 2026. It aims to bring together International bisexual communities, activists, individuals, researchers, artists, health...
01 Aug
Canal Parade
Our Canal Parade has been on the list of the ‘100 Best festivals in the World’ for several years, which is of course a great compliment, but also a great...
04 Aug - 07 Aug
WorldPride Conference
Human rights defenders and activists from all over the globe gather during Amsterdam WorldPride 2026. The program will consist special statements by high-level officials & community members, multiple sessions in different settings, talks by experts...
05 Aug - 08 Aug
Pride Village
Pride Village is the meeting place for everyone during the second week of WorldPride, where LGBTI+ organizations and culture are centralized, and is located in the heart of a historic art...
08 Aug
Pride March
In addition to showing that we are a beautiful, diverse, and multicolored community, it is also a protest to show the world that we do not tolerate others telling us...
08 Aug
Human Rights Concert
Following up on our successful human rights concert in 2016 during EuroPride, we will again host a two-hour music show with national and international artists in 2026 during WorldPride. The aim of...