Unity stands for the bond that you form as a couple through marriage. But it also stands for the bond we should form within our community. A bond that says you will always be there for each other, in good times and bad, in prosperity and in adversity, in sickness and in health, to love and to care, and that we are only happy and free when both of us are.

25 years of same sex marriage 

A WorldPride in Amsterdam is an important milestone, a point on the horizon that we can work towards together. Equal and acquired rights are under pressure in many places and we as the LGBTI community need to make our voices heard in a visible and militant way. Our same-sex civil marriage created a wave, and since then same-sex marriage has been legalised in 29 other countries, including most of the Americas and Western Europe. But the spread is uneven. South Africa is the only country in Africa, and Taiwan is the only country in Asia. In 2026, we want to celebrate the silver jubilee of same-sex marriage and inspire the world once again to stand up for equal rights.

None of us are free until we are all free

If we want to live in a truly just society, we all need to support each other in the fight for equality. Amsterdam is in the middle of a process to make Pride an intersectional inclusive Pride. Everyone must deal with differences based on skin color, age, beliefs, and class, but the coherence of these differences creates structural advantages or disadvantages. 

The emancipation in the Netherlands is highly advanced, but unfortunately not for everyone. Generally, white cisgender gay man come closest to the norm (the white heterosexual cisgender man with no physical or mental disabilities and with an average income) and after years of struggle, they now have relatively easy lives. This is in stark contrast to the situation of transgender people and LGBs with a non-Western origin and/or strong religious background. Pride’s role is to make these groups more visible, facilitate their empowerment, and encourage emancipation among groups that have been left behind.

The City of Amsterdam also takes the fate of these groups very seriously and is trying to stimulate progress by revising government policy. However, because change must primarily come from within, it is important to let these groups speak for themselves and help them on their path.

In 2026 it will be,

80 years of COC Netherlands…

Founded in 1946 as the Shakespeare Club, the COC is the oldest surviving interest group for LGBTI people in the world. It has a special consultative status with the United Nations. In 2026, they celebrate their 80th anniversary and will do so with a special revival of the Shakespeare Club.

30 years of Pride in Amsterdam…

Pride Amsterdam is a relatively young Pride. We started in 1996 and in 2026 we will have our 30th anniversary. To celebrate that with a WorldPride would be the greatest gift. And everybody will be invited to the party! We will have a large out-door exhibition with photos of the most beautiful and impactful moments of the past 30 years. 

20 years of WorkPlace Pride…

If Amsterdam hosts WorldPride in 2026, the 20th anniversary of Workplace Pride, it will provide a unique opportunity to highlight what has been achieved, but also what still needs to be done for LGBTIQ+ communities in terms of the workplace and socio-economic development. They want to celebrate their anniversary with a symposium on the topic and are fully confident that it will be a once-in-a lifetime event. 

WorldPride 2026 logo

The logo symbolizes the desired unity of the LGBTI community and of colorful Amsterdam. The entire rainbow spectrum is represented, and the wedding ring takes center stage. Made of course in silver, the color of the 25th anniversary of the opening of civil marriage to same-sex couples.